Senior Portrait Guide

I designed this page specifically for my senior photo clients! This page includes all of the information you need to make your photo session rock! Everything from location options, picking outfits, what to bring with you, who should come, and various other tips are here! Hopefully I've thought of it all for you. If not, shoot me a text or email!

 Choosing Your Location 

Your location should be a reflection of you and your personality whether you're a beach type of person, want your photos to pop, or want flowers galore. I've included my top ten senior photo locations below with some pros and cons of each and photos to help you choose.


Penitentiary Glenn.jpg

Penitentiary Glen

8668 Kirtland Chardon Rd, 

Willoughby, OH 44094

• Most popular

• Bathrooms near parking lot

• Photo locations all in close distance

• Great flowers and backdrops

• Lots of open space

 Choosing Your Clothing 

Clothing is a great way to add some more color and personalization to your pictures. I usually recommend my seniors to wear their first outfit and bring two to change into. Most people will bring a dressier outfit, an outfit with a pair of jeans, and then have their third outfit be a piece of clothing they love that is something that totally fits their style. Lots of people will also wear their sport uniform as one of their outfits! If you're going to a location with water, I would recommend saving the outfit you plan to get wet for last. I've attached some outfit inspiration below. Some of my favorite things to photograph are white jeans, flow dresses, and outfits that match the location! Most seniors tend to wear timeless pieces of clothing. Let me know if you would like any advice. I would be happy to look over your outfit choices before your session!

 Props, Accessories, Hair, & Makeup 

I encourage you to bring or wear whatever means most to you to your session! Some ideas revolving interests include books, props from the sport you play, instruments, your artwork, or ballet shoes. I also think heels work great in photographs to lengthen legs and add another fun element, so if you have a fun pair of heels you like, incorporate them into your outfit! But if heels aren't your jam, don't go out and buy a pair! Your outfit should look authentically you. You can also include bracelets, necklaces, a scarf, jacket, or hat. It's always fun to have pieces of clothing to interact with during your shoot. I often end up finding props at photo locations, too like flowers or architecture! When it comes to makeup, I recommend a natural look! Unless you have a passion for makeup and want to do something creative, there's no need to go get your makeup or hair done professionally!

 Who To Bring 

Having an extra hand at your photo session is never a bad thing! Please feel more than welcome to bring along your mom, dad, sibling, a best friend or two, your boyfriend/ girlfriend or whoever else you would like to have with us! It's great to have someone you are comfortable with at your session to bring out your natural laugh. Dogs and pets are always welcomed too! 

  Behind The Scenes  

Watch this video to get a sense of some of the fun we will have during your photo session! Good vibes only!

 Extended FAQ 

How will I know how to pose for my photo session?
No need to worry about posing or any awkwardness during your photoshoot! We can take our time going through different poses, and I am here to help you pose and be comfortable all throughout the time of your photoshoot. I have over five years of photo experience, so I have lots of tricks and poses up my sleeve!
How long will my photos take?
Typically, photo sessions last anywhere from one to two hours. If you are not as into taking photos, we don't have to spend as long of a time doing it, but if you love being in front of the camera we can take up the full two hours! This also depends on the location of your photoshoots. Locations with photo spots that are farther apart from each other or the car/ bathroom will usually take up more time because of the walking!
How do I pay for my photo session?
The cost of your photo session will be due when we meet for your photoshoot. Cash or a check made out to Leanna Siupinys can be accepted.
What time will my photoshoot be?
I usually schedule my photoshoots around two hours before sunset or early on in the morning for the best light! The temperature is usually more mild at these times, too rather than in the middle of the day. Sometimes times can adjust slightly, like if it's cloudy we may want to start a bit earlier since it will get dark sooner.
What happens if it is supposed to rain on my photoshoot day?
We can reschedule your photo session, no problem! But I recommend scheduling your photo session on a sooner date in the summer rather than later. I go back to school at the end of August, so if your shoot is scheduled for late August and it ends up raining, but I'm already booked for the rest of the time before I head off to school, there is a possibility we may not be able to reschedule.
When and how will I get my photos back?
Photos will be delivered when you have paid in full and within a two week time period after your session takes place. I will send your photo gallery in an email, and from there you will be able to view, download, and buy prints, canvases, and other gifts from your photos!