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 Styling Tips 

Stuck on what to wear? Let me give you some tips!

1. Be comfortable
We are going to be walking, sitting, laying, twirling, and adventuring all around during your session. Be sure to wear clothing that you can move around in.

2. Vary your wardrobe
Usually I recommend varying your outfits between pants and skirts/dresses so we are able to sit and lay down comfortably, but then can and also play with twirling and movement-based shots in a dress! I would recommend basing each of your outfits in one of these categories for the best variety between each look: casual, cozy, chic,  dressy, school-related, layered, sports-related, preppy or edgy.

3. Embrace all the  colors
Clothing is a great way to add more color and personality to your pictures. Wearing white and black tend to wash out skin tones, so I would recommend staying away from neutrals. As you can see on the right, bright, saturated colors bring so much more life and "pop" into photos.

4. Come prepared
I usually recommend my seniors to wear their first outfit and bring two to change into.  Wear your trickiest outfit to change into first. If you're going to a location with water, I would recommend saving the outfit you plan to get wet for last and wear sandals so you can easily slip them off to step in the water. I would highly recommend ironing clothing before your session and bringing your wardrobe on hangers.

5. Include accesories + props
Necklaces, bracelets, belts, hats, jackets, and scarves are all great accesories to add another element to your photo and to play with while posing! And i
t's always fun to include something uniquely you in your session whether it's a part of a collection, sports equipment, hobbyist items, or artwork.
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Keep it natural. I would recommend not going too crazy with either hair or makeup. Chances are that the trendy looks we wear now could be outdated in only a year or so, and I want you to be happy with your photos for much longer than that! I would recommend using a neutral color palette for makeup. Whites, tans, browns, and light pinks tend to look great, and a little bit of shimmer will go a long way! I would also recommend bringing a lip gloss or two to your shoot, and we can test out which one looks best on camera!

Do your hair in your signature style! I can't tell you how many times people come to their session with a totally brand new stye and end up feeling uncomfortable because it's just not them. You should be yourself and look like yourself in your photos. So if you normally embrace your natural curls, don't go straightening every strand for your shoot! If soft waves are your thing, stick with it! 

Also, super important: Don't neglect the nails! We will be doing many poses that show your hands in a large portion of the frame, so we want them to look great! Maybe even treat yourself to a mani-pedi?


Having an extra hand at your photo session is always a good thing! You are welcome to bring along your mom, dad, sibling, a best friend or two, your significant other or whoever else you would like to have with us! Pets too! It's great to have someone you are comfortable with at your session to bring out your natural smile.