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Hi, I'm Leanna. 

Fashion Photographer. Digital Tech. Photo Assistant.

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where I found my passion for photography and built a technical foundation by working on food photography sets early in my career. When I moved to New York and started working at Pier 59 Studios, I strengthened my skillset by taking my previous experience lighting tabletop subjects and translating it to create more intentional light for larger fashion photography productions.


My work is heavily influenced by my advocation for women's empowerment and enthusiasm for color, although my ability to create and manipulate light is what drives my visions. I aspire to use my distinct style to bring stories to life for global fashion clientele.

When I'm not behind the camera, I bounce back and forth between photo assisting and digital teching while occasionally picking up retouching work for select clients. 


Please email for inquiries.  |  440-525-6609

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Last Updated May 2023

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